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A Little About Us

Hunterberry Hill Labradoodles is proudly owned and operated, since 2014, by mother and daughter team, Jennifer Rowland and Avery Nelson. We love what we do, and we are so grateful to be able to share our passion and love for Australian Labradoodles with the many wonderful adoptive families that we work with when finding homes for each of our puppies. It is truly a labor of love to raise these puppies, from our family to yours. Here’s a bit about each of us, to help you get to know the people behind the puppies!!

Jennifer and Scott Rowland

Our family is everything to us, and that includes our animals! We have been married for 35 years, and have three children together. Dogs have always been a treasured part of our family and everyday life! We love spending time together outdoors, and taking long walks with our four labradoodles Boon, Maple, Blossom, and Moose! Our dogs are so well behaved that we often bring all four of them along with us when we dine outdoors in the summer. They also go to the pickleball courts with us in the summer, and Boon even loves to ride along in the cart with us whenever we go golfing! We live on 10 acres in the beautiful hills of south Salem, Oregon. We feel blessed to have raised our family, and now our puppies, in such beautiful surroundings!

Through our love for our family household pets and our boutique horse farm, our kids were raised with a love and respect for animals, which they have all carried into adulthood. Our oldest son, Austin, is a small animal veterinarian. Our middle daughter, Adelyn, was a professional horse trainer and taught riding lessons for 10 years before entering the school teaching profession. And our youngest daughter, Avery, dove into this doodle endeavor with us when Hunterberry Hill Labradoodles began!

“So how did Hunterberry Hill Labradoodles begin?” you might ask. After experiencing twelve cherished years with our English Labrador Retriever, Barnard, and fourteen years with our beloved Standard Poodle, Ellie, it seemed a natural choice to look into the labradoodle as our next family companion. We began researching the labradoodle, hoping that we may indeed be able to find the perfect blend of the best qualities of both breeds. We found that the breeding of Australian multi-generational labradoodles is what brings unparalleled quality and consistency in producing the ideal family companion. Soon thereafter, our first Australian Labradoodle, Boon, joined our family. It was love right from the start! We had loved many dogs over the years, but there was something extra special and unique about this joyful and loving breed that captivated our hearts. With our extensive background in breeding and raising show horses, we were compelled to channel our love for breeding and raising animals into Australian Labradoodles. The second Australian Labradoodle to join our family was Avery’s dog, Posy; a female purchased from the same breeder as our Boon. Christy from Daisy Hill Labradoodles was kind enough to mentor us as we began our breeding program, and help us start off with some of the very best bloodlines of authentic Australian Labradoodles bred for therapy work. Posy became the matriarch of our breeding program and her bloodlines are carried on through many of our dogs today.

Avery and Cameron Nelson

Avery has been an animal lover from the very start! She started begging for her very own puppy as soon as she learned to speak! Her love for nurturing and caring for animals only grew with her as she became an adult. She and her husband Cameron met many years ago on the horse show circuit and their relationship blossomed largely due to their mutual love of animals. They both grew up raising horses and competing across the country to the National championship level. Fun fact: Cameron was actually a Guardian for our labradoodle breeding female Willow, before he and Avery began dating! They have now been married since 2020, and were fortunate enough to settle down together on acreage just one-half mile from Hunterberry Hill! Avery and Cameron welcomed their first child, a son named Rowland, in 2022. He is the light of their lives, however their labradoodles Posy, Petunia, Willow and Pinot Noir are still very much loved and included in their family life! The doodles love tagging along with Cameron and Avery, whether they are going wine tasting, travelling to a horse show, or spending a weekend with us at our mountain home away from home in Sisters, Oregon.

Avery has always had a passion for photography, and enjoys doing all of our photography for our beautiful dogs and puppies!

Our Additional Team Members

We’d also like to introduce you to Reece, our amazing puppy assistant! Reece works with us 5 days a week and we are so thankful to have her as part of our team! She helps us with all things puppies!! From tending to fragile newborn puppies with gentle care and attention, to helping us socialize and play with our older rambunctious pups! Daily cleaning, sanitizing, feeding, and loving on the momma dogs too!

Meet Trout, our “puppy socializer” and charismatic kitty! He is a purebred traditional Ragdoll, but he believes he is more dog than cat! Trout is entirely unphased by any of the puppies’ antics. He will playfully prance around the house with a litter of pups as if he fits right in! He will likely be here to greet you at the front door when you arrive to pick up your puppy from our home, and he will probably assume you’re here to see him!

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about us and our background. We truly love our Australian Labradoodles, and feel honored to share this special breed, from our family to yours.

We hope you, too, can Love Life with a labradoodle!