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A Little About Duchess

ALAA - 082470
Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle
Color: Red Tuxedo
Size: 19” and 40 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Health Clearances OFA Hips/Elbows, PennHIP, OFA Eyes, DNA Profile, vWD, PRA, PRA-crd4, DM, HNPK, EIC, IC, RD/OSD

Hunterberry Hill Duchess

Our regal Duchess! This gorgeous girl combines all the best traits of her parents, Dahlia and Duke. We love her stunning coloring and strong, athletic build. I can’t say enough good things about this dog! She just loves life and everything about it. She makes friends everywhere she goes, and with everyone she meets. She loves to be around people, and she has a wagging tail that never stops. Her puppies have not disappointed – they have all been just as special as their amazing momma!