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Harper Lee

A Little About Harper Lee

ALAA - 110152
Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle
Color: Red
Size: 15” and 25 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Health Clearances OFA Hips/Elbows, PennHIP, OFA Eyes, DNA Profile, vWD, PRA, PRA-crd4, DM, HNPK, EIC, IC, RD/OSD

Hunterberry Hill Harper Lee

Harper Lee is a beautiful mini Australian Labradoodle. We are in love with her color and her personality- she is the sweetest girl! Many labradoodles’ coats lighten and fade with age, but Harper’s color only gets darker and richer with time! She has a lustrous nonshedding fleece coat in the most gorgeous red coloring. This is a trait that we hope to see passed onto her future puppies. She also has very solid boning and a stocky, heavy built in proportion to her small size.