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A Little About Spumoni

ALAA - 104481
Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle
Color: Black Phantom tricolor
Size: 14” and 24 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Health Clearances OFA Hips/Elbows, PennHIP, OFA Eyes, DNA Profile, vWD, PRA, PRA-crd4, DM, HNPK, EIC, IC, RD/OSD

Hunterberry Hill Spumoni

Oh Spumoni, where to start!! This girl is an extraordinary culmination of our foundation bloodlines, and we have been smitten with her since the day she was born. With her tricolor phantom markings, she caught our eyes from day one, but as she grew and matured she truly captured our hearts!! I could rave about her all day – but I’ll try to keep it brief! Spumoni’s coat is of exceptional quality; it is incredibly soft and silky with a subtle wave. She is small in stature, but she has a broad chest, well-defined head, and impressive boning overall in proportion to her small size. Her temperament is simply wonderful. She is obedient, intelligent, and very perceptive. She truly aims to please, and is the sweetest companion you could ever ask for!